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 Should I Tell Him How I Really Feel, Breaking Nc, Lost!!
09/07/11 07:14 AM
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QUOTE (melshie1975 @ 09/07/11 06:54 AM)
if circumstances were different I think it definitely could've been something very special

SAY NOTHING!!!You need to focus on what you wrote above and NOT on the potential. Your feeling about this M are mostly based on fantasy and longing. The reality is that you have become way too invested in a M you barely know.

He is obviously focused on the reality of the situation and realizes how little he has to give you and how unavailable he is for an actual relationship with you.

If you cling to him, he will think less of you. Don't demean yourself and be a V who puts her life on hold for a M she knows for only six weeks. If you keep this fantasy alive, it makes YOU unavailable for a real relationship with a M who CAN be with you.
09/07/11 07:15 AM
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QUOTE (melshie1975 @ 09/07/11 06:54 AM)
It has been a short time, only 6 weeks!

Then you don't know if you love him. You don't know if you are really compatible over the long term. You don't know if the two of you can have a life together. In fact, you really don't know this man at all.

It takes time and consistency to get to know someone. Certainly longer than 6 weeks. While you may have strong feelings for him, those feelings are not a reason to put your life on hold "waiting" for him.....particularly because he has made it clear he doesn't want to continue your r'ship.

I am not sure what the universe is trying to tell me here..

The universe is showing you that can and will find love again.

I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago. And three months later I met my M! The first M was brought into my life to open my heart, which had been closed for many years. And I am grateful every day for that, otherwise I wouldn't have been "ready" what was to come.
09/07/11 07:18 AM
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6 weeks is WAY to short a time to be telling someone you'll "wait a lifetime" for them. I know you believe you know this M inside out, and you don't yet. Are you quite sure his feelings equal yours? Has he been doing the pursuing and most of the contacting and initiating of dates? I'm curious why you say "risk your friendship", why are you calling it a friendship vs. a romantic R?

In any case, it doesn't really matter all that much, if he told you he wants to end things (even if he claimed it's for you, you really don't know and can only go by what he's saying which is he doesn't think you should be in contact any longer. You really can't be friends, and I'm sure you know that.

I too used to get mad at the Universe and think it was playing practical jokes on me. In hindsight it was looking out for me, there is a reason this M is being removed from your life. Have faith, get back on the horse and believe the right M for you will come along AND stay. If a man can walk away from you, he is not your "one", at least at this moment, which is all any of us have. ((((hugs))))
09/07/11 07:43 AM
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Thank you so much for your replies! You are saying what I really already knew in my heart... I will definitely not be putting my life on hold. I will definitely not be contacting him. He knows where I am.

The universe does work in mysterious ways and it is just getting me ready for the right man. It's just that I am not the most patient of people and it's been a loong five years lol and I am an Aries

I know what I do want in a person, and this man, had everything I asked for except his availability... I will not lower my standards for any man. I don't lower my standards in any other aspects of my life.

Hopefully soon this unknown male will reveal himself to me. Boy when he does he's gonna get it lol
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