Payment Options

Pay By the Minute:

The easiest way to talk with a coach is to simply call at our low per-minute-rate of $1.99. You can talk as little or as long as you want, and our system will notify you every 10 minutes to help you keep track of the time. To take advantage of this option, simply call 1-888-MARS-VENUS and press 1 to enter your billing information, or, if you prefer to speak to a live operator to process your information, please press 0.


Discount Plans:

When you want to talk to a coach but you don’t want to watch the clock, our PINs do the work for you. A PIN is a discounted block of time that works like a pre-paid calling card. When you make a purchase, your 10-digit PIN number will be generated for you. This is the number you will supply to the automated system or the operator whenever you call to speak with a coach at 1-888-627-7836. You don’t need to use all of your minutes on one call, but you can if you like – additional PINs can always be purchased or you can choose to extend with your coach at our low per-minute rate. The best part of using a PIN is the longer you talk, the more you save. And purchasing is easy with our secure online checkout.

How to Call a Coach | Information for International Callers

Accepted Payment Methods:

Pin purchases do not need to be used all during one session, you can spread these minutes over as many sessions as you like.

We currently offer the following discount plans:

20-minute PIN ~ First Time Callers Only!

Limit 1 per person *
Standard Price:   $39.80
Discounted Price:   $20.00
You save:   99¢ EACH minute
*If you elect to purchase more than the limit of one 20-minute PIN you will automatically be charged an additional $19.80 for each 20-minute PIN purchased, totaling $39.80 per additional 20 minute PIN purchase. Please see the other options below that offer a lower cost per minute. PayPal payments are no longer accepted for 20-minute PIN purchases. No additional discounts can be applied to a 20-minute PIN purchase.

60-minute PIN

Standard Price:   $119.40
Discounted Price:   $117.00
You save:   4¢ EACH minute

100-minute PIN

Standard Price:   $199.00
Discounted Price:   $189.00
You save:   10¢ EACH minute

160-minute PIN

Standard Price:   $318.40
Discounted Price:   $294.40
You save:   15¢ EACH minute

Remember, you have up to a year to use these minutes, plus,
you can call as many times as you like!

To securely purchase a discounted block of time, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Buy Now" link above to purchase your selected discount plan.
  2. Fill out the payment form and submit your secure online payment.  This will generate your pre-paid PIN.
  3. Print the PIN code form that shows on the screen.
  4. If you have a specific coach you would like to talk with, please click here to schedule an appointment. Or if you want a recommendation about who to speak with, please click here to email us.

OUR REFUND POLICY: Once you are connected to an Ask Mars Venus Relationship Coach, the first three minutes of each call are considered a grace period. If you choose to end the call during that time, you will not be billed - therefore no refund will be necessary. If you choose to continue after the three minutes, you are electing to accept any information provided as services rendered and no refund would be possible. You would be billed for the entire length of the call.  All standard calls or minutes extended from a pre-purchased PIN bill at the rate of $1.99 per minute.

We make every attempt to provide you with the information you request in the shortest time possible. Our coaches regularly ask if you would like more information and you should feel comfortable ending the call at anytime. Keep in mind that this process can be very empowering and you could lose track of time. To help with this, you will hear an audible tone every ten minutes to help you keep track of the time you have spent.