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~ Alma

Christine B was so helpful and understanding. We put "everything out on the table" and took a look at the situation... turns out a little perspective was all I really needed. Things seems to be in order but I am touching base with her again to be sure I'm moving at the right speed. Her advice was specific and real, and just having someone to talk to who wasn't a friend (who will often give you jaded advice) or a therapist (who wants to look at a relationship issue from a mental health standpoint) Christine's advice is targeted to exactly what you need! Thanks!

~ Cynthia

Debbie was great! She helped calm my fears and my negative assumptions of my BF responses or lack of response and helped me put things into a clearer perspective. She was nonjudgmental and patient even when I was throwing facts about our relationship and recent events at her rather quickly. She helped me understand that what we were going through as a couple was normal and was because men and women have different needs and see things from different perspectives, but both are valid. She asked pertinent questions about our relationship and was able to help me understand why I go into my well and why my BF goes into his cave and what happens when we both happen to go to these places at the same time. She gave me some great tools and tips on how to keep myself from going off the deep end (being emotionally needy, demanding etc) and not to take him going into his cave personally. She even gave me a homework assignment to compose an email to him to help calm things down between us. I am looking forward to talking to her again to get more insight on communicating with my man and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends. She has given me hope and confidence, which is exactly what I needed.

~ Victoria

Debbie was patient and insightful. I really appreciate her advice. She put things into perspective for me. I don't know if my relationship problems will work out, but she gave me hope and realistic approaches to solving the problem. She is compassionate and thoughtful with her advice but was honest with me. Her advice felt genuine and unscripted. I hope that I can continue to work with her and that others will also have the chance to benefit from her skillful counseling. Thank you Debbie!

~ Emily

I really needed to talk to someone right then and Christine B. was a very calming person to talk with.

I also feel like we are in good hands to develop some new skills as a couple but it will take some time to learn them and change our habits. She helped me find a way to get to the next baby step - asking my husband to call Mars Venus to get some coaching himself. He agreed to call, so I think that is one step in the right direction!

It will not be easy so I hope we can hang in with this. Thank you Christine

~ Karen

Coach Christine B. is such a gifted listener, she is able to hear "between the lines." I am really impressed by the nuances she picked up in the situation between myself and a man I am dating.

She is also very adept at picking up on the possible subtext of things he says to me during our dates. I also appreciate her ability to synthesize all of the many facts I throw at her about both him and myself and weave them all into a coherent picture of where my relationship with him is headed.

Thank you, Christine!

~ Maggie

Debbie is a great listener. She listened to every word I said, asked me questions I had never thought of. She explained everything to me to make me understand why I should or should not do what I was asking with my boyfriend.

She explained the 'cave' thing with men. That is a hard one to figure out. She worried about me, wanted me to to feel better about the positive things I have done since 'he' has went deep into his cave.

She has given me hope, thats what I needed. I feel more confident.

Thank you

~ Leslie

I felt very comfortable with Coach Christine and look forward to talking to her again. She is very kind and compassionate.

I hope to get more information about how to respond to my partner when he is going thru a lot of stress in his life. I had used a coach a long time ago and hope to get more insight into how a man feels and why he reacts the way he does within the relationship.

Also I hope to learn more about my own patterns that I have developed thru former relationships. I look forward to talking to Christine.

~ Britta

I'm so glad that I called. Christine was very helpful and I feel so much better now. I was having doubts about my relationship and was wondering if it was the right relationship for me. Christine really brought a lot of clarity to the situation. I finally feel like I know for sure what the source of my problems are. Originally, I wasn't sure if the problems I was experiencing were due to what I perceived as selfishness, lack of incompatibility or gender differences. She made it clear to me that it was the latter. Now it all makes sense and I feel so relieved because I knew I had a great guy but everything wasn't adding up

~ Estelle

Debbie was an amazing coach. She really made me feel better first by letting me vent and acknowledging my feelings and second by giving me an understanding of my Martian as well as the tools to communicate effectively to make my needs met. She really helped me understand the root problem I was experiencing as well as exactly how to effectively work on that to fix my relationship. She really made me look at what I had done to contribute but was nonjudgemental and understanding. It was so comforting to have someone understand what is going on with my relationship! Highly recommended and well worth the time.

~ Katherine

Debbie is excellent to talk to -- very informative, insightful, and caring. She really seems to get what is going on from the male perspective, as well as from the female perspective. She was able to help me step back from the situation and look at it very differently.....i.e., from how the guy is feeling and what is most likely going on. I feel much better about how to proceed as a result of talking with Debbie, and also what things not to do. I highly recommend Debbie as a coach. She is highly capable.

~ Carolyn

This lady is absolutely outstanding! In nearly 4 years' time of calling your line .... she is by far the best ever I've spoken with! She's truly sympathetic, empathic, understanding, patient, funny, and super friendly. And, she's truly well versed in the MV principles so she is very much qualified to help me with my situation. She's much more than a coach, I consider her a very, very good and dear friend. God bless her. I will go to no one else--ever

~ PL

Extremley helpful. I finally had a good nights sleep after talking things through with Debbie. She helped calm my fears and negative assumptions about the relationship and my partner. Now I feel that I can read him a slight bit better and realizing that I cannot force feelings onto him. "DO NOT PURSUE" and emotional control is key. After speaking with Debbie, my partner had called me just to say "Hi" and to chat. He also called in the morning to make plans. By following Debbies advice, the depression and worry lifted. Thanks Debbie

~ Natasha

Christine B. has been extremely helpful so far. She has listened well and understands where I'm coming from. She asks appropriate questions and then offers suggestions as well as provides insight into what my guy might be thinking or how he may be perceiving things. She has given me the strength to hold out a little bit longer on contacting him and given me some homework in the meantime. She was very reassuring that I will hear from my guy soon and this may have nothing to do with me. I look forward to speaking with her again in a few days.

~ Kelley

~ Angela

Lauren B. is FANTASTIC!!!! She is tremendously supportive and insightful, and a sympathetic and eager listener. She listened to my story carefully and patiently, and brought clarity to my situation. She explained the behavior of my M, and continues to help me cope with my feelings. I have called her twice now, and have sent her e-mails, to which she quickly and articulately replied. I will call her again; she's always there for me when I need to handle my "wave" of emotions. She is just tremendously supportive, and her educated counsel has helped me enormously. will do so again. I know she's always there for me

~ KV

This was my first time ever calling a coach. Lauren B listened to everything I had to say. She offered helpful tips and guidance. The call helped me in getting my feelings out. It helped to have someone who wasn't a friend to look at the situation. I was second guessing myself and thought I had done something wrong. I will be keeping in touch with Lauren until my current situation is resolved. I feel better about myself. It was good to hear some of the advice I was receiving from friends was the somewhat the same from Lauren. Helps to know that I am going in the right direction.

~ Belinda

Lauren offered just what I needed - attentive ear and intuitive advice. She guided our conversation and empowered me to be able to talk with my partner without blaming or hurting him.

~ Carol

Coach Christine was so helpful in helping to see the reality of my situation. She helped me realize that there is work to do on myself that would allow me to release what has held me back from experiencing a fulfilling relationship. I look forward to continuing the work to break away from unhealthy tendencies so I can experience the joy of a happy and healthy relationship. She is a good listener, seemed to understand where I was coming from and had constructive advice. I look forward to continuing my work with her help.

~ Rose

Lauren was AWESOME! If you are ever stuck, emotional or just need to talk to someone to figure out what's going on, give her a call. We got to the core issue really quickly and it wasn't actually what I thought it was about. I'm now feeling a bit more empowered to explore it and am not so anxious or worried. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone. She was non judgmental and could really see the issues just as they were. I was able to express what was going on yet remain stable and clear on an outcome that felt right for me. Thanks Lauren. It's made a huge difference to my life. I'm grateful for your time, love and dedication to my happiness.

~ Kimberley

Lauren was very helpful. She listened to me carefully and guided me about what to do and how to handle my situation. I feel a lot more in control and grounded after talking to her. I was very confused about how to handle my problem and situation, and with her help I feel like I can deal with the issue with more confidence, and understand my situation better. I would highly recommend that to someone. It has been a great help for me, and I'm happy that I made the phone call.

~ Shadi

Lauren was very helpful and she helped calm me. I am hoping to talk to her again in the next 5 minutes :) She referenced other books and explained what I was doing right for the relationship I am in as well as what other steps I could take to improve myself and allow him to "cave". She explained that some of his behavior was the indeed the "warrior" from the ancient days and how I can more respectfully respond to him. I will be calling her again and I could use some advice tonight...hope she is available!

~ Sheryl

Christine was great ... I know that the questions she asked me ... were important to her advice. And, I did take the first step of her advice tonight and I am very pleased with the results! My M responded and we had a great conversation and we agreed to step up communication and move the relationship forward. I won't see him now for at least 2 weeks due to his travel, but Christine has given me tools and plans to deal with that and she and I will be talking again!

~ Suzanne

Christine has been very helpful to me in trying to process a recent bad experience and to learn from it and continue to improve my relationship skills. She is helping me to create a dialog that will help me to hopefully get some answers and be able to close out a relationship in a positive way so that I can move forward and be more successful. She is helping to understand better how very different I define certain things compared to how the man I had been dating defined certain things (specifically what being 'exclusive" and in a "committed" relationship. I am hoping to have the opportunity to have a final conversation with this man, but don't know yet if he is willing to.

~ Robin

I had no idea what to expect from this call so was a little apprehensive at first, but Christine instantly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I immediately felt perfectly able to express what was going on for me without any judgement. She remained unbiased throughout the call; which was great for me as although I have lots of wonderful friends who I can talk to, many of them will respond with 'isn't he terrible' type comments, as it's their way of showing they're on 'my team' - very sweet but not always productive! Christine helped me see that my method of trying not to show any 'upset' in our relationship was actually proving to be counter-productive too; as by doing so I wasn't allowing my M to have the opportunity to offer solutions to any problems - something that I now understand he loves doing! Christine took the care to fully comprehend my situation, and I'm confident with this good understanding the tools she's going to give me to work with on our next call will be very exciting - can't wait!

~ Nadia

Lauren was very patient and supportive of my situation. She helped me a lot and gave me good advice which is what I was looking for. She really cared about my feelings and situation which is something very rare. A very good person. I would highly recommend her to anyone else. She took the time and care to ask me specific questions to understand my situation better and gave me good advice of reality instead of just saying what I wanted to hear. She was a good listenter and was pleasant to talk to.

~ Ian

Debbie was wonderful. She gave me great advice and I left with great clarity about my problems and issues that we discussed. She doesn't just listen, she gives suggestions and asks pertinent questions. I took her suggestion and ordered JG's latest book, to help me even further with my issues. I will definitely call her again in the future and will most certainly recommend her to my friends. She's got a great personality and we really had a great conversation. I think this coaching is a great resource.

~ Alice

Coach Christine pinpointed my problem and stated how she would help me to prevent me from getting into this situation in the future and to prevent this negative experience from happening again in the future, how to approach the situation, after I explained my situation in detail in relation to the disappointment I felt regarding my dating mars dilemma, she listened patiently and carefully to my dilemma and without interrupting me. She provided direction on how to contact her again to speak to C.

~ Teresa

Debbie was excellent. She listened and provided answers and helped me to understand what may going on in my very new relationship. She provided encouragement, which I really, really needed. And she also provided solutions. I have some exercises to do which I am also working on. Not much has changed in my relationship yet but it really, really helps to have Debbie to talk to. I'm not sure where the relationship is going yet...still but I am hopeful. I'm sure I will be talking to Debbie again soon.

~ Hilary

Christine gave me a new perspective on the situation with which I was concerned and it turned out she was quite right! She pointed out that my 90/10's were largely the cause of my concern and that I should take a step back and give it a chance. Within a day, my Martian was right where Christine said he was! My 90/10's are a large part of my fears in relationships and I will look to Christine again to help me work through those 90/10's with me so that I don't take them out on my Martian! She was kind, insightful and dead on!

~ Judy

My coach was extremely helpful. She seemed to genuinely care about and want to help with my situation. She listened and provided very valuable feedback... She made it seem like we're a team and we're going to figure this out and work on it together. I'll be calling her again.

~ Laura

I found Debbie to be very helpful and kind, and I appreciated her advise. She listened to me at length and then asked me questions that triggered me to question my feelings and actions, as well as his. Also, I will use her advice in the future about listening better and asking questions at the appropriate time when I don't understand instead of passing up on the opportunity. I will definitely call her in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone with relationship questions/problems. Thank you Debbie!

~ Deb

Debbie was a wonderful coach. I was nervous at first, but soon felt very safe to talk. By the end of our conversation, we had cleared up my thinking, soothed my nerves and gotten to the bottom of what was really hurting me so I could deal with the real issues. She listened and responded with helpful, insightful questions and advised "homework" that addressed the very core of my needs. I am so glad I called, and I will call and e-mail again. Debbie was nonjudgmental, understanding and incredibly helpful.

~ Candice

Lauren is a good listener. I had a tough problem at hand, but she tried her best to get some answers amongst the multitudes of issues that were at hand. She was able to organize all the information I provided to her, took all of it in patiently, and provided whatever tips she could to best tackle the problem at hand. After talking out what I felt, I feel much better, and feel as if I had talked to a close friend of mine whom I had known for quite a while - I could be as open and as expressive as I could.

~ Ramkumar

I found the coaching session to be insightful and it left me feeling hopeful instead of dejected. My coach was understanding and seemed to pin point certain areas that I had been mentally avoiding facing up to in a very sensitive way. I liked the fact that there was a system that was being followed on past experience and the "homework" given. I liked the fact that she identified with how I was feeling as well as thinking.

~ Vasuki

Lauren was absolutely the best! She listened well, was caring and compassionate, yet gave me some really great advice that helped me understand my Martian and myself better. She gave me several tools to work with to prepare me for my next conversation with my guy and helped me gain a better perspective regarding the entire situation. To have someone so knowledgeable deal with my particular situation was extremely helpful. I have found my relationship coach and will talking to her whenever I need guidance. Thank you, Lauren!

~ Gaye

Debbie is an outstanding listener and can get right to the bottom of things. Even when I thought I was making no sense, she could hear through my confusion and offer insightful questions to bring clarity to the situation. She also has a wide variety of approaches and is obviously very well trained. She is open to learning more about my unique situation, and that tells me she is committed to her clients and her profession. Debbie promptly responded to all emails and is very positive in her replies. Her homework assignments were extremely helpful as well. Thank you Debbie/MarsVenus!

~ Sandra

Christine is a great Mars/Venus coach for me. She knew exactly what "stage" I was in and pinpointed what I personally needed to focus on to reach my relationship goal. She has given me the support I needed to stand up for my needs and be patient. Everything she has adviced me on has worked. You just can't get this kind of guidance anywhere else. My story is still unfolding but I can't wait to see what happens next. I believe the Mars/Venus way of dating really is the only way that truely leads to finding your soulmate.

~ Dana

Debbie was a wonderful coach. I called her at a painful and tense time in my relationship and she talked me through what was hurting me to pinpoint the real issue at hand. She listened so patiently and asked plenty of questions to clarify and help me see why I was so upset and how my partner felt about my actions also. More than that, she gave me exercises to do on my own and an action plan to mend what had been broken. She helped me take control of a situation where I felt helpless and I am confident that my next interaction with my partner will benefit from talking to her and sorting out my feelings. I will be calling back!

~ Melissa

I really enjoyed the conversation. It was helpful and positive. Debbie was very kind and easy to talk to. She gave me some good feedback. My problem seems that it is not solvable right now but she helped me to understand what I should do. I was talking to her about my experience with dating a guy that is not ready to be emotionally involved right now because he has not healed from his divorce yet. I was trying to figure out if he is non committal in spite of the great connection because all the elements are not there or if he is just not ready for a relationship right now because he has not healed. Debbie seems to think he is not done mourning his divorce yet. I really appreciate her help and guidance.

~ Kelly

My coach was extremely helpful! She made me feel very comfortable and I felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend. She helped me better understand my feelings and my situation. I plan on contacting her again in the near future to help me through the next steps of my situation. It is hard and I have to learn to let go but I feel I am ready to do that now after talking with y coach-as ready as I'll ever be anyways. I cannot thank my coach enough for all her guidance and support. John-keep writing! Thanks!

~ Kelly

I appreciated my coach's careful attunement to my concern. She listened carefully, empathetically, and I didn't feel judged. I felt she did a really good job of identifying my main concern, stuck with that topic, and didn't go off on unnecessary tangents. Her questions and reflections were effective in helping me to move forward through the problem. Without words, I felt a sensed her positive attitude, and from that, cracked through the despair I was feeling. She gave me an exercise to do, which, in all honesty, I've done before. But this time, she gave me hope that with her help, doing the exercise would move me closer to attaining the relationship I so sincerely am seeking.

~ Roseanne

I will be calling to schedule follow up with my coach. She put me at ease and i was able to speak freely, without judgment or criticism. I shared some things with her that I have never shared with anyone, and I believe just talking about my situation with a non biased, trained coach is going to be the best gift I can give myself during this transitional time. I have just begun to read the Mars/Venus book and it has greatly helped me already. They should be read by everyone muddling through the dating world.

~ Lisa

I was absolutely impressed. My coach is fantastic! She provided me insight that I would have never considered. She was very easy to talk to and I felt completely comfortable sharing my issues with her. She is able to balance being supportive and encouraging, along with being challenging and thought provoking. She also provided me exercises to work through on my own, so I can continue my work on my own until I speak with her again. I'm so glad that I made the call and I am looking forward to our next appointment!

~ Elizabeth

My coach is fantastic. She has the experience with marital issues that is needed to help guide the lost and weary. She has the gentle voice that soothes the broken soul. I would highly recommend anyone with marital issues, to contact my coach. My husband and I still have issues but I know I have my coach to speak with when I need guidance or comforting. John Gray's Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus books do make sense and she conveys his messages with accuracy and diplomacy. She challenges when neccessary but always in a way as to not put you off. She really is a great asset to the Mars Venus team.

~ Heather

Coach Christine was very helpful and encouraging. She helped me address some of the issues that I have in regards to my current relationship. Coach Christine helped me to recognize when men cave and how to respond positively to the cave. She also helped me understand how to speak to men in a way to get them to listen and respond to us as women. Coach Christine also is working with me to address deep rooted issues I have from past relationships so I can progress in future relationships without feeling as if I am working.

~ Christina

Debbie was very helpful and informative. She gave me insight to my current relationship to be receptive and positive. I look forward to speaking to her again. My boyfriend is definitely caving right now with all the stresses in his life and I'm definitely on the wave ride close to crashing. I have learned from reading the book Mars & Venus Dating that I have been pretty much the one doing everything in the relationship. I am now taking the approach of allowing him to pursue me once the stress load has reduced in his life more. We had gotten to stage 4 in our relationship, but now it seems to have stallled. I am practicing self assurance, being receptive and responsive in our relationship.

~ Hilda

My coaches feedback and coaching was incredibly helpful. She helped me to recognize how my history and past relationships were coloring how I was looking at my current relationship and why. She also helped me to level set where I was in the dating cycle and how I should proceed forward in dealing with both my feelings of uncertainty and the fact that he is apparently in the same phase and dealing with past issues of his own. It helped to also hear that my communication issues are not unique and be provided with a technique to work through my internal frustration, fears, and nervousness.

~ Joanna

I will say again that my coach was a big help. I got the book she suggested and have been reading through and beginning the exercises. It's tough to start over and I feel like she is making herself readily available to me. I really appreciate that. I also find that some of the concepts sound fine on paper and you can write things out, but until you practice them it's not the same thing. My coach is helpful at looking at what I have done in terms of past behavior, and she is helping to guide future decision-making so I don't keep making the same mistakes.

~ Annette

I am truly grateful that I found your service. My friends are helpful but sometimes don't give the best advice. But my coach helps me understand the situation from both sides. With Her coaching I have seen results & I hope my romantic relationship continues to improve. If not with my current love interest than with the next guy someday. Privacy is important to me. It can't be guaranteed with friends or family this is another reason I rely on this service. I have told friends about this service too. Thanks.

~ Teresa

My coach was so insightful and really helped me start exploring the root of my problems in relationships. She made me feel so much better and helped me understand that I can take control of life. I didn't realize how much pain I was holding onto and also how past events were taking a toll on my happiness. I knew I had dealt with very unfortunate situations but I wasn't aware that they could be affecting my dating life. She showed me how they are related and now it seems so obvious. I feel with her help I will be in a much more positive place very soon! And hopefully ready to meet my soul mate.

~ Heather

My coach was incredible. Her beautiful voice was so comforting and empathetic. She was not redundant as many people can be and get nowhere. She was very reassuring that what I was experiencing was normal and I was not to feel alone. She validated my fears and reactions. She gave me the tools to confront my situation and then how I will be able to deal with the aftermath. She let me talk and asked the correct questions. I felt as if she knew exactly what I was going to say next. I would recommend her to anyone that has fear and mostly uncertainty.

~ Jil

It was very nice to speak with someone who knew and understood the concepts behind the MarsVenus books; someone who could clarify a bit better, when I needed it. I felt validated and encouraged to continue on the path I am on, with these new tools. The coach was friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, and I didn't feel awkward or embarrassed in the least. I certainly won't mind calling back, if needed. I appreciate the support, and the ability to explore further with homework suggestions, and the fact that I can call the same coach again. Thanks

~ Tami

I thought Christine's advice was great - she really helped me to find the words and get the courage for a difficult conversation I need to have - now I just need to pull it off! I think it can be a bit odd (for me at least) to talk with someone I've never met about a problem, but the best part was that I felt she was asking a lot of the right questions, being objective, and not just telling me what I want to hear. I would definitely use the Mars-Venus coaching again since I tend to over-think things and get myself WAY too spun up about stuff!

~ Michelle

My coach is amazing. What I really like about our calls is that she gives me actual exercises to work on, actual step-by-step guides for what to do. I want sympathy and someone who understands what I am feeling... but I also want to know why I am feeling the way that I am, why my boyfriend is behaving the way that he is, and what I can do to improve the relationship. Give me specifics and information that makes sense. Merna does that... through her guidance and support, I have made so much headway into the source of my pain and suffering... and how I can move forward in my current relationship. Again, she is amazing.

~ DeAnn

My coach is as always, the BEST. She helped me clarify my thoughts on several issues. I called because an old flame, over whom I had spent many months in the anguish of unrequited love, emailed me. It had been 2 years since the ending of the relationship, and a year or more without seeing each other. Out of the blue he sends an email, wanting to get together. Needless to say, the spell of this man was long broken; yet, there is curiosity about whether it could be rekindled, and more importantly, whether it should be rekindled. She is spectacular at getting to the crux of an issue.

~ Judy

The telephone session was very helpful. My coach was insightful and communicated well. I explained my situation and background information. She gave me reassurance and good ideas--both of which I appreciate because I need to be very patient with this situation, and I so much want it to work out. I find that much of the advice available in books and online is more geared towards younger daters so I appreciated having an individual session.

~ Margaret

I just want to say 'Thank you!' to Lauren and hope that you will forward this message to her. I called Lauren as I have had a relationship issue for a while now and was very upset. She handled the situation very well, was validating, empathetic and helped me to sort through all the conflicting emotions and issues. While I was very upset last night, I really feel that after speaking with her, today, I feel much better and have greater clarity- I couldn't ask for anything better. Thanks again, Lauren for your support! It is much appreciated!

~ Mari

Absolutely first class, excellent, usable advice. My coach not only listened to every word I said with patience and understanding she had practical, insightful useful ideas & suggestions. I was confused when I first requested a conversation with my coach. I did not know what to expect or how I should begin. She seemed to understand instantly all of my concerns and she started of the coaching session by putting me at ease. Her insights into men was enormous & it certainly explains alot about their behavior. She changed & improved y life today with her words & suggestions - all of which were given in a gentle yet firm approach - a kind, no-nonsense delivery. Never condescending - always positive and human & laced with life experiences I can only guess at. I am grateful for the chance to have spoken to her. Thank you for having this feature.

~ Susan

Your coaches are an excellent help with any isssue I am experiencing. I would highly recommend your services. Debbie was a definite help to my situation and she was very attentive to my problem. I will be giving her a call again in the near future.

~ Mary

Christine was so compassionate and insightful. I was distraught and depressed with how my relationship is progressing. I realized after speaking with Christine that I'm compromising my needs. Granting me permission to be angry with my boyfriend really helped to put my feelings and how to move forward in perspective.

~ Luba

I found it really helpful. I had an issue that I needed a neutral person to help me get through and also help me to move on and I felt I really got that. So thanks and glad to know that that is available ..just a phone call away.

~ Tania

My coach once again has helped me in ways that I never thought possible. I am slowly healing day by day from a 5 year relationship. it has been very difficult, but with her by my side listening and giving advice, I am slowly getting better and understanding that I have to take care of myself!

~ Courtney

Debbie identified all the main areas of my relationship with ease. Providing outstanding viewpoints and perspectives. Looking at the roots of the relationship Debbie inspired me with the growth that has taken place so far and the growth that can still take place. Talking with Debbie reaffirmed the actions I know I need to take and give them power. Debbie successfully created the space to get clear and feel relaxed about the difficulties that where causing stress.

~ Anthony

Debbie was very friendly and an active listener. She asked many questions to clarify the situation and seemed genuinely interested. She provided good suggestions and insight as to why my partner behaves in a certain way.

~ Amanda

My coach was very helpful and helped me feel peace and strength. She did not tell me what to do but gave information and guided based on what I wanted to do. I will call her again and recommend this site.

~ Stephanie

My session with my coach was really great. My coach clarified many of my concerns and fears about dating. She was very professional and very knowledgeable when it came to providing advice. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone seeking guidance in the dating arena.

~ Michael

My coach was excellent! I could tell she was listening b/c I didn't have to repeat details of my situation, she offered great insights of what's going on in my relationship and I already feel empowered to make it better. I am choosing to continue coaching with her!

~ Juan

Debbie was compassionate and a good listener. She was very helpful in clarifying my wants & needs. She helped to give me insight into behaviors that might be sabotaging my relationships. She gave me concrete solutions for my problems.

~ Kristin

I think [Debbie] is a great coach. She gave me several exercises to work on. She eased my pain with my previous relationship and put everything into perspective. I would like to talk to her again about some other situation.

~ Rebecca

Christine is fantastic to talk to. She has helped me in a short amount of time like none of my other friends have been able to do. She has been helping me get a new way of looking at dating and teaching me things I am not as far off as I thought I was in the dating world.

~ Anonymous

I really enjoyed talking to Christine. She has a very caring and concerned voice. She helped me work through a lot of issues and offered homework and suggestions, along with role playing and suggested followup calls which I am going to do.

~ Deneen

Lauren has been of tremendous help in helping me sort through my feelings and work through some my feelings in a constructive manner. I feel positive about my coaching sessions and positive about my relationship outcome.

~ Susan

I found it really easy to speak to Lauren. She was able to give me honest feedback and something to do while I wait for my partner’s response. She was very validating and comforting as I was very upset. I will be calling back to speak with her.

~ Mari

It was my second session with my coach and I really like her support and down to earth ideas. It’s like speaking with a “professional friend”. I will call again, my coach is a reliable person and I am glad I can call her when needed.

~ Francoise

My coach was a very patient listener who put forward some solid suggestions for me to try. Nice to hear a real person speak of M/V principles rather than just reading words. 20 minutes was not long enough.

~ Anonymous

Incredible counseling. I was impressed by how well my coach listened and gathered information. She also possesses worldly experience and knowledge about different cultures. I would definitely turn to her again to handle my counseling needs.

~ Anonymous

My coach really gave great insight in helping me turn negative, needy thinking into something more positive and self assured. It cleared up my confusion over how my current relationship is progressing.

~ Anonymous

My coach was incredible and extremely helpful. She truly listens to what you have to say and gives incredible advice. I recommend her to anyone! I will definitely be in contact with her again soon!

~ Courtney

Hi - Just wanted to give my coach some great feedback! I have been working with her for 1 1/2 years and rely on her to keep me grounded. I don’t know what I would do without her. She has helped me thru 2 relationships so far and has gotten me to a place where I have found a wonderful man who has always been just what I was looking for. I am secure in who I am and understanding Martians. She has been invaluable to me.

~ Anonymous

Just a cheer of thanks to one of your coaches. Admittedly, I basically talked her ear off--probably needing reassurance and validation of what my gut was telling me already more than anything. By listening and validating, as well as offering her own thoughts, she was of great help. Not only did I send the email we agreed was best suited to the gentleman in question, but I had an immediate, long, heartfelt response that showed he is still in this with both feet...and has been dealing with serious custody issues I was unaware had arisen in the past few weeks. In the end, these were more real life distractions and quite necessary focus than rubber band issues, which alone offers a sense of relief.

The coach’s voice was one of reassurance and calm at a time an already relatively confident woman needed to hear exactly that. Thank her for me, if you would, and know that having a voice on the other end of a phone (in tandem with such wonderful texts) is indeed the magic combination.

~ Cinda

You guys are so amazing. I so appreciate you for being there for me.

The bottom line is that my boyfriend Rick just contacted me this morning to tell me of his love & devotion to me. Wow!! He had rubber banded for four weeks. I received his return with grace & happiness. I trusted that he would be back. I’m still on cloud nine. He is a gem of a man. He’s so cool.

For the past couple of months every now & then I’ve contacted your coaches regarding his pulling away issues, which at times had me doubting myself & our future relationship. In other words it was driving me nuts not hearing from him. I never called him or ran after him. A few days went by, then a week, two weeks, then three. Last week Wendy was the coach who took my call. Through her insights, she helped me structure a very short neutral & upbeat e-mail to Rick which I later composed, prayed over & e-mailed to him last week. Julie, Wendy & the rest of the coaches have been right there for me during his caving & rubber banding times. It had been two days short of one month when he contacted me today. Last week, I felt my thoughts were swimming in the well and were probably going stay there doing back strokes, but then I felt my confidence rise up, and out of the well I came. I just knew that Rick was coming back very soon, so I started preparing for his return. It’s like when you know, you just know.

When I first met Rick, a strong Christian man & an airline captain, a few months ago, I gasped. I knew at that moment that I had just been introduced to my soul mate. I have been a John Gray enthusiast for a number of years reading his books & attending seminars. Through the years, I somewhat lightheartedly practiced the techniques described in his books & lectures, but never nurtured them into my personality until the past year & a half. I promised myself that the next romantic relationship in my life was going to be the Gray way 100%. I even got a couple of my girlfriends to read Dr. Gray’s books & so forth. We were building a team & we jokingly call ourselves the Gray girls. My goal has been for us to work on ourselves & take the insights into our hearts, to change in us what needed to be changed in messing up relationships in the past. Yes, my two best friends (also single) have been right here supporting me as I have them. When the urge to call Rick would start to overpower me, I’d call one of them or the Mars Venus coaching line.

I know this is simply a hurdle among many that Rick & I will face. This is the first time that I actually made it through the waiting period, because in past relationships I’ve always run after the guy to find out what had happened. In fact, I have some other girlfriends that could not believe how & why I was holding back from contacting Rick. I had to keep them from running after him on my behalf. And they did not after I sat them down & had a long talk with each of them to either get with the Gray way, support me or go away. Then I gave them one of Dr. Gray’s books to read. I said let me prove it to you that Rick is rubber banding or caving or whatever & that he will be back soon. In fact, I had just starting dating again filling up my life & keeping busy. But I kept on trusting & believing in myself. But most of all believing in my soul mate & that God has a plan for our lives together.

I just want to say thank you to all of you for caring enough to listen & coach all of us when we call in. You are awesome. Now Rick & I are at the beginning of a great relationship. Where it will take us only God knows. I have encouraged many friends to give you guys a call. It is good to know that the Mars Venus coaches are always there for us.

~ Carrington

I was really skeptical about a service like this one. Could it really help me? I realized as the call went on that my skepticism is the same feeling that I have toward men. Are they going to hurt me? Can I trust them? It was really enlightening to see just how much my last relationship is still affecting me today. We talked about the process of starting over, and I think I’m further along today than ever before. Not because they said the magic words, but because I now see that I have been a part of the problem. How can I trust a man if I don’t trust myself? I also liked that I had to do the exercises. The coach offered several to me and I’m glad now that I wrote it all down and worked on it later.

~ Ann

I was really having a hard time understanding why women do what they do. It was all a mystery to me. Listening to my coach talk about women made me feel less crazy. They’re not any different than we are - they just use different words and need different things. I used to think it was a competition to get what I wanted from the women in my life. If they got what they wanted, I had to lose somehow. Listening to the coach talk about women, it suddenly started to make sense. We really do just speak different languages. I guess all I really needed was a dictionary.

~ Bill

I was really hoping that the coach would help me fix my husband. He always seems to be doing two things at once and I don’t feel like he’s paying attention to me. Well, the coach didn’t help me fix him, she helped me fix me. I had no idea that there were so many things I could do that would encourage him to pay attention to me, without having to throw a fit or demand it. I never knew how much I was contributing to the problem. After the call, I decided to try the exercises and my husband actually sat down with me and LISTENED to me! It was amazing.

~ Sarah

When I first thought about talking with a coach, I was nervous. I didn’t know what kind of advice I would hear or if they would really make me feel better. I was surprised to feel comfortable talking with my coach, and it was a lot easier than I thought to tell her what was really going on. Calling was easy. They didn’t judge me or make me feel stupid for having this problem. Thanks again!

~ Melodie

I had no idea that someone would understand so quickly why I’m frustrated with dating. It was as though she knew my whole life. After being out there for so long, I felt like I was doomed to bad relationships, one night stands, and the inevitable ‘I’ll call you’ line. After talking with my coach, I finally saw what I was missing, and it only took one phone call. Thumbs up to the Mars Venus Coaches, you really helped me see something I couldn’t or wouldn’t before the call!

~ Sandy

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for a session I had with a Mars Venus Coach last week. I’ve read all of the books and feel like I could recite Mars Venus in my sleep, but I couldn’t figure out why my guy was making me so crazy. Why weren’t things working out between us? All I could think was that it was me... my coach pointed out that my guy has not really been honest with me and that there may be some problems from his dishonesty in our future. I NEVER wanted to admit how bad things were until she said it. It’s so strange how I was making excuses for him, and making it my fault. My coach wouldn’t let me do that and she immediately saw what I was doing and helped me to face it.

~ Kendra

Wanted to say thanks to my coach (I hope I spelled her name correctly) when I spoke with her last week (I think it was). She was very reassuring on the phone and let me know that everything I did was in fact not only correct but made me feel good about who I am and where I am in my relationship. So, a big thanks to her. And she was right!

~ Eric

This was the first time I’ve ever called anything like this. She was wonderful - she made me feel comfortable talking to her right away, made it easy to open up. She has given me some very helpful places to start working on my issue’s with my b/f. And I would love to speak with her some more to really dig deeper in to my issues to gain more understanding of myself and possibly my b/f.

~ Anonymous

I just want to say thank you to my coach, because when I’m talking with you I really do feel looked after and safe and I know that you have so much wisdom, understanding and love - real kindness - towards me, and I’m sure most everyone you meet, and also especially towards men...

~ Caroline

I came to my coach in extremely bedraggled emotional condition from my roller coaster relationship. I was actually in a near hysterical state of remorse and feeling an overwhelming desperation for the love of this man. my coach allowed me the conversational space to not only discuss this particular instance of disappointment, but also to reconnect it with the original broken heart, which I had never really mourned. Her encouragement to fully grieve all of the painful pages in my life has literally transformed my psyche over the last few months.

The first step to loving yourself is to hear the grief of your heart. Her guidance and advice through this initial stage of healing was indispensible, as has been her compassionate understanding and love. I continue to consult my coach as I progress along my path, which I’m happy to say is becoming sunnier and brighter by the day. I might have succumbed to my conscious and unconscious pain and stayed in the house numbly suffering for who knows how long! My coach encouraged me to take on new challenges, new opportunities, and new friendships. She has also encouraged me to tackle the very thoughts that used to be unconsciously felt as low self-esteem. I now find myself capturing these thoughts and consciously countering them successfully. I expect that this on-going work will enable me to live in this world in a truly loving and fearless manner.

Finally, that guy? The one I was desperately needy for? I have come to realize that that neediness, however compelling, is not true love. I’ve been able to take responsibility for my own misguided love and have been able to rescue the real compassionate, kind, and accepting love of this man as he is for who he is right now. As of now, we are not together. But the love I feel for him is not painful at all. It is patient and hopeful for all possible outcomes, without expectation or disappointment.

Thank you! You have given me a terrific gift: myself, a work in progress!

~ Anonymous

I can not express enough how I grateful I am to our conversation yesterday and helping me to understand what BM is going through as well as myself. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel as though I can breath again, love again and forgive. I look forward to many more conversations with you as my coach. I’m also going to share my feelings on the Ask Mars Venus reading board so others may be inspired by my story and get the help they need the way I did. It started for me by reading the stories on the reading board. I’ll email you later this week to schedule our next coaching session. I need to work out my financial situation. The way I see it is I’m investing in myself. This is one way I can nurture myself and help heal my heart and that’s worth everything to me.Thank you for everything. I am so grateful to you.

~ SA

I just want to say that my coach was helpful this AM, when we spoke. She gave me clear suggestions that i think i can follow. They are very do-able. Plus, her attitude about what I told her (in terms of where my boyfriend is, what he and i are like, and how to best interact with him) seemed positive. That was empowering, in and of itself. She gave me the sense that she THOUGHT I would give him his space to do things with friends, which reinforced to me that that is really important.

Thank you!

~ Judy

 “...Using a relationship coach is great especially when you are getting mixed advice from friends and family. Having someone trained in the field can give you the proper tools you need in order to keep from sabotaging your relationship. No one teaches you how to be in relationship. That is why I am grateful for John Gray and his coaches for being there when things got difficult.

~ Anonymous

Hi there,

I have been speaking with my coach over the past few weeks following the ending of a five year relationship. I have read so many of the Mars Venus books like, If you feel you can heal, and staring over to name a few, but having her listen to me, and help me through this difficult time, has been a brilliant!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you, and of course, to JG for those brilliant, insightful books!

Mars Venus lover,

~ Bernice

You have been such a great comfort and counselor to me for the past year. I wanted to thank you for all the work you did with me. It has helped me tremendously. I now have tools to help myself: through feeling letters that you taught me to write, and through a new ‘voice’ that speaks more kindly to me from inside on a daily basis!

You have helped me relationally with dating and with overall self-esteem. You taught me differences between men and women and it has helped me to trust men and communicate more effectively. You also listened to the deeper core issues from my past to help uncover new ways to approach all of life! I am very greatful.

I really appreciate your professionalism and always being available to me when I needed to talk.

Thank you for all you do.

~ Susan

I was throughly pleased with my coaches insight and advice. Everything made sense that she had to tell me, she was friendly, easy to understand, and as helpful as can be. She gives a clear cut understanding of what the issue is, and how it can be taken care of, along with the steps it involves. Her advice is structured and sound. I look forward to talking to her again.

~ Anonymous