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What Happens When He Can't Make Her Happy?


Overwhelmed? Why Women Need Balance

What happens when a man feels like he can't make his partner happy? Watch the answer from an Ask Mars Venus Coach.

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Women tend to take care of everyone else before themselves. Dr. John Gray explains what this can do to a relationship!

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Today's Relationship Advice Articles - April 19, 2014

Where Is He When You Need Him

You and your partner are getting along just fine and, with no notice, something changes. He’s no longer attentive to your needs, it feels like he hasn’t asked you how you are in days, and there is a cold wind blowing through your bedroom. Your Martian has suddenly exited the building and he forgot to tell you he was going, or when he would return! Worse yet, you’re not sure if it’s your fault that he has pulled away!


What Women Look for When Dating

In the old days, a woman married a man who could take care of her and would provide her with the necessities she needed. In modern times, most women have jobs and are financially independent. Men's role as the breadwinner has lessened now that women no longer marry strictly for financial reasons. Due to better salaries and increased financial security, most modern women have the luxury of being more selective over who they choose for a mate. Finding a well-off husband is no longer as important as it once was. So now that women don't need providers, what do they look for in a man?

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Are You Losing Him?

10 Ways to Lose Your Lover

Where did he go? Is he gone for good or is this just a time-out?

Q&A - How's Your Love Life?

"How do I know if he's ready for a commitment?"

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"Am I the only one he's dating?"

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