Meet Some Of Our Coaches!

You will find that no two Ask Mars Venus relationship coaches are alike. While they all spread the same tried-and-true principles of Mars Venus, every coach is unique in their own right, helping clients find their way in relationships through specially crafted, solution-oriented techniques.

Meet Coach Debbie P.

Coach Debbie describes Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus as “the beginning of my relationship discovery journey.” Since then, she has dedicated herself to making light bulbs go off over the heads of every client. It’s not always easy to understand why you think or feel the way you do, but through Debbie, understanding can dawn and healing can occur. “If you don't like the chapter your life is in, learn how to start a new one,” she says. “Our life is a journey, and we are our life's author. I can help you turn the page and start fresh.”

Meet Coach Lauren B.

Always interested in what it takes to make relationships successful, Coach Lauren says, “Communication, mutual acceptance, and understanding are important to the life of any relationship. When I read John Gray's books, I discovered that a whole new language exists.” She has since made it her job to spread this message and help people avoid painful situations. Whether you’re single and looking or in an established relationship, Lauren says, “After talking with me you will not only feel better but have a plan of action. No matter how old you are, these techniques can still improve your life.” If you’re hurting or immobilized, there is hope – Lauren can help you see your obstacles as challenges and opportunities to make your life better.

Meet Coach Gretchen K.
As your personal coach, my greatest wish is for you to experience the joy of giving and receiving romantic love. Whether you are seeking a new love, confused with a current love, or in pain over a past love, I will help guide you towards a brighter romantic future. We will work together on a plan of action to manifest the love you desire in your life. Did you know that your needs are different than your partner's? Did you know that your partner will fall for you in a different sequence than you will fall for them? By understanding these core differences, you will be informed and prepared to create more loving relationships with everyone in your life. My own personal life has been transformed by the teachings of Dr John Gray. Learning what my boundaries are, getting clarity on what I truly need and desire from a partner, and practicing better communication techniques has altered all my relationships for the better. Let's work together to create more intimate and loving relationships for you in your life today.

Meet Coach Stacy C. L.
There are times in life that having a friend to share things with is not enough. My strong desire to help people during those times of struggle was what encouraged me to become a coach. Sometimes just understanding one Mars Venus principle can drastically change your relationship. At other times, learning about these principles is just the beginning to understanding yourself and those you care about. Together we can discover the best path to achieve your relationship goals, and the best Mars Venus tools you can use to get there.