Quiz: How Do You Rate in the Bedroom?

Sex is an important part of every relationship and you may wonder what your partner thinks about your bedroom performance. Of course, we always say, “Talk about it!” – but, if you want some food for thought before delving into that kind of conversation, this is the quiz for you. Whether you’ve had a lot of experience or a little, find out how your between-the-sheets prowess rates and what you can ramp up or scale back to make your bedroom adventures even better.

Remember that this is an online test - not every question will capture your personal beliefs. Do your best to pick the answers that most closely represent your opinions.

1. When it comes to your partner’s erogenous zones …

I’m not really sure what they are
I discover a new one every time we’re in bed
I know them like I know my own body
I asked what they were right away

2. Dirty talk – love it or hate it?

Love it whenever, wherever
I like it, when it feels like the right time to me
It depends – I’ll do it if my partner does it first
I can take it or leave it

3. The right time to get intimate with someone new is …

When we’re in an exclusive relationship
Whenever we reach the point where it “feels” right to me
When they put the moves on me
When the mood strikes

4. Do you ever make the first move?

I am always the one to initiate sex
Of course!
I usually wait for a sign
No way

5. How skilled are you at removing your partner’s clothes?

I can do it with my teeth
I fumble around a bit
I’m quick and confident
Am I skilled? Not really. But I always have fun doing it!

6. Are you into experimenting with new positions?

Sure! Why not?
Yes, as long as I’m the one who says where and how
Um, hello, who’s not?
Yeah, I’ll usually try whatever my partner suggests

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