Quiz: Is He Marriage Material?

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You’ve reached a point in your relationship where you can see yourself settling down with the man in your life. You’ve navigated the early stages of dating – attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, and intimacy – and think that you’re approaching the exciting but nerve-racking stage of engagement. (If you’re just learning about the five stages of dating, click here for more information.) While you feel you’re ready for this big step, is he? Just because he’s great with kids and seems to entertain the notion of happily-ever-after, it doesn’t necessarily mean this is a man who is ready to commit forever!

Take the Mars Venus “Is He Marriage Material?” test to help determine exactly where the man in your life stands when it comes to marriage, based on the way he treats you, fulfills your primary needs, and is committed to the partnership.

So let’s find out … is he marriage material?

Remember that this is an online test – not every question will capture your personal beliefs. Do your best to pick the answers that most closely represent your opinions.

1. You and your boyfriend run into some of your friends and they ask how you met. He …

Starts gabbing about how a wedding is right around the corner
Can't wait to tell his part of the story
Looks each woman up and down with admiring eyes
Uses the time to check the messages on his BlackBerry
Looks uncomfortable with talk about your relationship and separates from the group

2. You mention your boyfriend to a group of your closest female friends, and they …

Say they wish they had gotten so lucky, and mean it!
Roll their eyes and change the subject
Ask you where your bodyguard is
Tell stories about when each one of them dated him
Ask if he was promoted to vice president yet

3. When you tell your boyfriend you're going out with the girls, he says …

"Why don't you bring one of 'em back with you, wink wink."
"I'm coming along so I can keep an eye on you."
"I was planning on doing some work anyway."
"Have a great time!"
"Can I meet your future bridesmaids?"

4. When you encounter a friend's baby, your boyfriend …

Makes funny faces and talks to it nonsensically for an hour
Picks it up, arms outstretched, and loudly says, "He smells!"
Smiles, says it's cute, then steers the conversation toward the economy
Holds it, begrudgingly
Holds it, contentedly, until someone else wants a turn

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