Getting Relationship Help

Can relationship help from an advisor really make a difference?

Absolutely. Qualified relationship help and advice is widely known in the psychological community to be one of the most effective treatments for getting your love life back on track. It doesn't have to take a long time, and often in only a few sessions you can learn more about what you want and need out of your relationships than you were aware of before. The key to getting successful relationship help lies in you -- your openness, attitude, and your willingness to communicate what you need clearly to the person, or people, offering you the help. .

Often there are several misconceptions about coaching, counseling, and general relationship advice that can be confusing to a person who is unfamiliar with this type of support. To help alleviate these concerns, I would like to make a few points:

  1. Relationship help should be centered on the issues and topics that you want to talk about. For example, if your main worry has to do with dating, this is the best place to begin.

  2. Our relationship helpers/advisors will ask you questions about your situation. We do this so that we can gain a full picture of what is happening to you, and why. Very often there are circumstances that you're not consciously aware of that the advisor can point out.

  3. It's important to remember that Rome was not built in a day, and neither were you. Each of our love lives is the cumulative make up of every relationship we have been in. Often what is bothering us today is a reflection on things that happened in our past. You do not have to get help about a past issue if you do not want to, but our advisors will take note of patterns in your life. In the event that you want help to understand why you are repeating certain behaviors, we can help you work on changing the big picture as well.

  4. Everyone has short term and long term issues that can be worked on that will improve your overall happiness. If you want help with both types of issues, you can either do this on one call or over several calls -- again the most important thing to remember is that you can work on your life, at your own pace.

  5. There really isn't a magic or miracle answer to any problem, but there are many common differences between men and women that contribute to our issues. What sets Mars Venus Coaches aside from any other type of relationship help out there is that we are experts in gender differences. Very often, these simple differences are at the core of our problems. We can teach you about these differences and help you to not only meet the needs of someone who thinks differently than you do, but to also help you get your own needs met at the same time. This way of thinking about relationships has allowed us to help thousands of customers just like you over the years!

How can professional coaching help your relationship?

One, the client receives unconditional support from a trained professional. This person has the skill and knowledge base to listen emphatically, and offer unbiased support. This means that, unlike the "real world" in a coaching session, you are the sole focus of attention.

The second benefit is that the coach teaches the client what they are realistically responsible for and what they truly have no control over. Many times, clients struggle with issues like blame and control. Questions like, "Did I create this problem?" or "Who is to blame?" come into focus. Once the coach helps to identify the role that the client played in the issue, they are then able to get to the deeper feelings and work through where the person is really stuck. By using this model, we are able to help clients effectively and quickly.

What is the impact of NOT talking about issues?

The negative impact of not talking about an issue is also well documented. Research shows that people who bottle up emotions show a marked increase in physical and mental stress. Issues like anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, and stomach ailments increase the longer a person waits to deal with an issue. While talking about an issue will not erase these ailments immediately, countless numbers of people have shown that, over time, these debilitating issues recede.

How do we offer this type of relationship help?

Mars Venus Coaching is based 100% on this model. We are available to clients when they need unconditional support, and our clients choose which direction to go in. Often our clients will call with a myriad of issues, and our coaches are trained to uncover the ones that appear to be the most pressing to the client. At all times, the client is 100% in charge of the conversation.

Relationship Coaching is not necessarily about "fixing something that is broken." It is about discovering what in your life is not working, and working on a new solution. We offer relationship help for singles, couples, newlyweds, and those dealing with a broken heart. Mars Venus Coaching identifies the blueprint, and then helps you apply that information to your life. YOU are in charge of the process, and your coach guides you to the hidden perspectives and solutions that are already residing within you.

To connect with a relationship coach now about the issues and concerns on your mind, visit AskMarsVenus to learn more.

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