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> 2012 - I Intend To Prevail., New Year ResolutionsGTyy
post 03/08/12 11:29 AM
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OK I am going to ask for help from the Universe. This issue would be very easy if the other party would have to come to me to ask for something first. If on the other hand,
I have to ask them for something first, it will be expensive for me. (Government
approval issue but they need something from me, so who blinks first here.)

I am going to make my Forward Assault Model for this. What I need, how it will look when
finished, turn it over to the universe and see what today brings.

And I have been thinking about getting some help to do more of the work that I have
been doing myself these last few years. Bookkeeping, etc. I will get it caught up and
then turn it over to somebody else. They were all shocked when I took over doing
that, I am not a great writing things on checks stubs to show why I wrote it in the first place. And although I can remember what I wore on any occasion in my life, I often don't remember
why I wrote a check.

But I was quite shocked to see how many bills were coming in that were wrong.
About 30%. Never once by the way, was there a bill where we were undercharged.

And I am talking major companies, wireless, banks etc. They count on the
fact you won't spend 20 minutes listening to recorded music to get a credit
for $2.52 cents. Multiply this by millions of customers and they make a lot
of money.

Well, let's see what this day brings. I have another meeting.

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post 03/08/12 11:44 AM
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AK; YOU rock and then some! super impressed with how well you are establishing what you are strong at and what you are not. This takes a lot of letting go too, and after jumping into the middle of it all to take over and take on more as you had to let people go, looking at what would be more efficient for others to handle is a "go you" moment. good.gif

Food for thought, though you've probably already considered this...my Mr. B 20-something that brought me here now has a winery in your neck of the woods. His partner, the main vintner, attended college not far from there and actually "interned" at other vineyards for several years before venturing out on his own. In many of these situations he wasn't paid, and in others he was paid very little and was able to get college credits for the work. I have found interns for myself over the years to be incredibly valuable, especially when it's college credit related. My bookkeeper for awhile when I needed one was working on her CPA, and actually helped me get super efficient in ways I had not considered. All for a very minimum wage and college credits smile.gif

One of my favorite sayings in business is "you've got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them." I'm always reluctant to show my hand first, but as you said, someone eventually has to. I'm certain some LOA and a bit of meditative time on what is best for YOU to do in this situation will pave the way for you.

Cheering you on wub.gif

love thyself first
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post 03/08/12 12:00 PM
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The point to LOA here is to be clear that you need help and how that's defined. Let the Big U figure out the "how."

Grace happens.
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post 03/08/12 12:22 PM
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I have found interns for myself over the years to be incredibly valuable, especially when it's college credit related.

This is a great idea if it's something you can accommodate. A lot of my 'working' the past few years has been internships. It's not that difficult to get set up with the college to be on their list of approved interns (lots of programs require internships as part of degree) and you will have a bunch of students, eager to learn and help in anyway they can, coming to you! Many schools that have a required internship component, give the interns a list of approved places to set up their internship at. All you have to do is pick the right fit for you.

It does require a 'plan' of sorts to be submitted to the school adviser, which essentially acts as the syllabus after you have an intern. If you don't know exactly what it is you'd like them to do, to write a plan yourself, the intern can do it after a brief chat about your business, what the essential functions are, what you need help with and what the intern is hoping to learn and get out of it. With the exception of one place I worked at that already had a very detailed program in place for interns, I've usually written my own after a 10-15 minute chat with my supervisor, they scan over it real quick before signing off on it, and it's done. And it's flexible and can be changed as needed at anytime during the semester smile.gif

You might be surprised at how motivated someone is when working for only college credit and a letter of recommendation. Those letters of rec are like a golden ticket for college students! It's what proves we know how to use and put into action all the education and it's not just a bunch of theory in our heads and are often the most important piece of the after graduation resume smile.gif
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