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> Stealing My Sisters Panties!, and theres no denying...
post 02/14/08 05:24 AM
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Hi All,

New member here with a huge problem... let me give you alittle backround.

Me and my boyfriend have a unique relationship. When I was 15 years old we started dating, well if you could call it dating. We met online he came out to meet me and after we met we usually wouldnt go a month without seeing eachother. We did the long distance thing for 2 years and then when I was around 16 he moved in with me and my family. We have been together ever since. I have a sister, 4 years younger. I have always had a self image problem because I have been overweight most of my life. Living with my blonde, skinny mother and sister has been hard. Anyways, I always had a feeling since I was 16 that my boyfriend had a crush on my sister, but after years of assuring me he conviced me that he thought of her as a sister. Fast foward to 2005... we moved out of the house and got an apt while I worked for 2 years to support us, he only managed to work 7 months out of those 2 years we were on our own. Fast forward to mid 2007 he and I had to move back in with my family because of money problems. Also my boyfriend is very obessed with porn. I am now 24 years old.

Enough of backround info here's the real issue...

I sneaked on my boyfriends computer the other day and went into "My Pictures" and I noticed 7-10 pictures of my SISTERS panties loaded from his digital camera. I know they're her's I do the laundry from time to time. My boyfriend, my sister and I all share a bathroom so there always dirty clothes on the floor. He had posed them showing the crotch area and photographed them.

As soon as I found that I confronted him. He didn't know what to say, he made an attempt to say he has to release negitive energy or some BS.

I find myself so mad and hurt that its hard to even look at him or my sister, I even find myself MAD at my sister for leaving her underwear on the floor and she has NO knowledge of this at all! My mind is going crazy and he insists what he did was wrong and he'll never do something like that again.

I find the whole thing absolutely horrifing and weird and gross. He claims I am overeacting. I want to break up with him and send him back home (his family lives 1500 miles away) We have been together close to 10 years, what do you think? Should I get rid of him after all this time invested in our relationship? At this point its the only thing I see fit.. as I can't move away from here and we live with my sister and my mother.

I can't help but think if he went so far as to take pictures of the panties.. what else does he do with them?????

Oh and he claims when he took the pictures he didnt load them off the camera for 8 months because he felt weird/bad about what he did... I don't believe this at all.

HELP ME!!!!!!
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post 02/14/08 12:00 PM
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YUCK! That's creepy. I have no advice, just a sympathetic EEEWWWW! I would be pretty angry with a bf who did that, not to mention creeped out. I don't blame you for wanting to break up with him.

Have you dated any other men? You started with this one very young and stayed with him. You don't have any idea what else is out there. There are plenty of good men who are not obsessed with porn, your sister's panties, and can hold down a job. It may have been 10 years invested, but you are still young, and it doesn't sound like your investment is giving you much back. What are you getting out of this relationship? Are you happy? Do you feel this relationship is meeting your needs?

Tell your sister about it. If she doesn't know, she may be equally creeped out and start picking her panties off the floor. bad.gif

Taking the fork in the road.
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OfflineSwing Dancer
post 02/14/08 03:28 PM
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OK - this might seem weird, but I don't think this is all that big of a deal.

Honey, the fact that they were your sister's panties probably have nothing to do with it. They were simply panties. Whose panties they were probably meant nothing. It is probably that he is just turned on by seeing any panties, including yours.

Please by all means don't be mad at your sister!

Honey you and your bf should not have been moved in together when you were 16 years old. That is kind of just passed over in your post as if it was no big deal, but it really IS a big deal. It means you never truly grew up, and neither did he. You two have much bigger problems than the panties situation.

This is not to justify what he did or anything but just to kind of make a point...I had no idea that just seeing some panties laying around would ever affect a man's desires until I met my current M. You see, when I was at my own house, my laundry room was in the basement and I frequently had my panties and other delicates laying around to dry down there.

But then when I met my M and was at the point of staying with hm a lot, his laundry room was a main thru-way in his house (had to go through it to get to the back door). So sometimes I'd leave my panties out to dry in the laundry room and he would get all grumpy at me. I didn't understand.

It turned out to be because he expected me to "know" that his friends coming through the house sometimes meant that they might go through the back door and see my panties laying around (we had friends stop by a lot). I didn't understand what the big deal was...so he very carefully explained to me that intimate articles of clothing belonging to a woman laying around is very erotic to a man. It makes him imagine things and it makes him want to touch or smell the panties, or to imagine them being worn. I was shocked! I had no idea! Just from seeing some panties?

But when you think about it, yes, of course this is true. Men are so very sexual and seeing a girl's panties makes him imagine the panties on the girl. Any time any man will be in our home now, my M goes around and hides any panties, swim suits, bras or even just lacy shirts or cami's, and NOW I get it and it makes perfect sense. I used to think he was being silly, but now I realize he is "protecting me".

Now....this is just kind of a normal thing...taking pictures of them wasn't so normal but it also wasn't really a big deal and it had little to nothing to do with any attraction for your sister. Please try to understand that. If you can understand his watching porn, try to understand that the panties were probably totally disconnected from your sister, the same way porn is disconnected from reality.

You two have much bigger problems than the panties situation honey! Please start talking to us more about the other things....why are you living at home again??

Swing Dancer
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post 02/15/08 12:59 PM
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From: california

Of course you should get rid of this guy, but it is not about the
panties. He is a loser. He is a loser. What kind of 24 year old guy
lives with his girlfriends family? I will refrain from asking
what your mother had in her head to allow this, either.

You got together with this guy when you were far too young.
You need to create your own life and not hang on to this guy,
what in the world would happen if you had children?

Yes, send him back to his family!!! And just to show how
dependent this guy is, what kind of guy can be "sent"

Anna K.
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