Quiz: Are You a Commitmentphobe?

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Are You a Commitmentphobe?

Fear of commitment, commitment avoidance Ö however you coin the phrase, the phenomenon most commonly referred to as commitment phobia is a very real element in some relationships. Are you always affected by a fear of commitment when you get too close to someone? Or is this commitment phobia a fluke that only latches onto your psyche every now and then? The results of this quiz will help you determine where you fall in the spectrum of commitment avoidance, what relationship skills you excel at, and where your heartís truest intentions may be lacking. Find out whether youíre a commitmentphobe, or if youíre prepared to take commitment by the hand and hold on for good.

Remember that this is an online test - not every question will capture your personal beliefs. Do your best to pick the answers that most closely represent your opinions.

1. When you see a movie with a runaway bride or groom, you think…

Itís always good to have a backup plan
That is so unrealistic
You gotta do what you gotta do

2. The person you’ve been dating announces they’re moving halfway across the country. You…

Consider whether a long-distance relationship is something I could handle
Make the most of the time we have left then move on
Wonder if I might like to move there too

3. After the most amazing first date you’ve ever had, you think…

This could truly be “the one” – and I mean it this time
There’s got to be a flaw – no one can be this perfect
So far so good … let’s take it slow and see what happens

4. When you observe your happily married friends together, you hope…

That I never have such a boring and routine life
That they truly are happy and really in it for the long haul
To have that kind of happiness someday

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