How to drive a woman wild with desire!
Drive a Woman Wild in Bed

How To Drive a Woman Wild with Desire

We receive many letters here at MarsVenus from men asking for a quick “Cliffs Notes” version to stoking the fires of desire and sexual arousal in their female partners. Some have gone so far as to query whether modern medical aids, such as Viagra, could speed the road to mutual sexual satisfaction. While there is a sure-fire way to kick up the heat, there is simply no quick path or magic potion available to drive a woman wild with longing. 

According to a recent New York Times article, researchers at Pfizer have called off a ten-year search to show that Viagra could enhance sexual function in women. While the little blue pill was not able to evoke sexual desire in women, researchers were able to pinpoint the overly-obvious fact that men and women are wired differently when it comes to sexual desire and arousal. Well, Pfizer, our hats are off to you for scientifically proving once again that Men really are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

What the researchers found was that, in men, sexual arousal and desire are intertwined; whereas, in women, there is a disconnection between the two. Arousal concerns our equipment; desire is influenced more by emotional and psychological factors.

Viagra helps men (who need it) with sexual function and here’s why: a man thinks about sex, gets turned on, gets an erection, desires to be physically stimulated as quickly as possible (remember that the only physical part he is aware of at this point is his penis!), and boom! He is off to the races and life is good. He is aroused and his desire for sex is immediate.

A woman, on the other hand, can experience sexual arousal and not be in a hurry for physical intimacy unless she also feels desire. She needs to slowly be driven wild with desire in order for her arousal to become insistent enough for her to want direct genital stimulation and physical intimacy.

Until her desire is intense, a woman enjoys being touched in a non-direct manner. She wants to be teased, titillated, rhythmically warmed-up, and deliciously ravished. Women like it when men circle around for a while before going directly for the goods. She may want to be hungrily devoured in the long-run, but she will probably not be overwhelmed with passion by experiencing a stampede to her private parts.

A skillful male lover first stimulates a woman’s least sensitive and least erogenous areas. He needs to delay direct stimulation by taking extra time to slowly and gently explore her body. A good tip for men is to circle around and work their way in toward the sensitive parts.

Kiss, lick, nuzzle or playfully touch from her mouth, to around her ears, down her neck, sides and belly to her inner thighs. Circle around the outside of her breast or cup and caress it gently over the entire area before reaching the nipple. Suck her nipples while running your hands over her hips or around her buttocks. Stroke her vulva and outer vaginal lips before finally getting to her clitoris. Now, stay put and stimulate her clitoris either by rubbing with your fingers or using your tongue, the Holy Grail of female sexual pleasure. Remember, 95% of female orgasms result from direct clitoral stimulation. A skilled and caring lover will either take the time to bring his partner to climax before penetration, or he can reach down or around to touch her clitoris during intercourse.

So guys, the news is simple -- there is no pill or secret medical potion to help rev-up or enhance a woman’s sexual function. Instead, you simply have to conjure up your own mo-jo and slowly let the magic happen.

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